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BiCoastal Music is a World Class music production company located in Los Angeles, CA.  Owned and operated by Producer/Engineer Hal Winer, BiCoastal Music is dedicated to the art of of producing, crafting and recording music. At a time when so many artists are recording with no production guidance and limited resources, BiCoastal provides services tailored to the specific needs of each client.   Our experience and skill set allow us to offer a variety of creative services to help you bring your project to life. We are available for Production, Recording, Editing & Mixing services.  Email inquiries to

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    • BiCoastal Music is one of the great “secret weapons” in the New York area. It is designed and built to the highest technical standards, and provides a really nice combination of cutting-edge digital and old school analog gear. The SSL…
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      Neil Dorfsman

    • ...BiCoastal has an incredible piano, a fantastic sounding recording space, a wonderful sounding and very comfortable control room, a solid mic collection, quality outboard gear, and a lovely location that contributes to a relaxed, focused, and creative session
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      Rich Breen

    • Hey Hal, The trax sound realy good! I was very impressed with the sound of the converters and how together and smooth it all went! Everyone was very happy!!! Would love to do some more work there!
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      Phil Magnotti

    • Dear Hal, Thank you for helping us to be able to work in your gorgeous space. The work you have done to create it - the love, the sweat and the passion and expertise - is infused into the vibe. It's an ideal place to create and capture sound. You think that ETHEL lights up your studio and I say your studio's beautiful acoustic lights us up!!
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      Mary Rowell

    • Hal Winer has got something so special going on at BiCoastal Music. I wish I had discovered this state of the art studio three or four CD’s ago. There is efficiency built into every aspect of the place-sonically…
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      KJ Denhert

    • Hal's keen musical ear, his ability to read and follow the written score make him initially a friend of any recording musician, but it's his affection for bended notes and dissonant harmonies, odd cadence, and the unpredictable ride with those of us who dare to make a lasting, joyful noise that win for him complete trust.

      Porter Smith

    • Hal Winer has put together a first-rate recording studio in the woods of Westchester County that holds up to any of the rooms (those that are left) in New York or Los Angeles. I've done several major projects at BiCoastal Music, and always...
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      Bob Mintzer

    • Hal is one of the more perfect people you’d recommend because he and his facility are one of the best in the country. BiCoastal Music is simply gorgeous, mint-quality with top-line results always. It’s a joy to know Hal and…
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      Joe D’Ambrosio

    • I have had the pleasure to work at BiCoastal on a lot of projects and the experience has been amazing every time. My idea of amazing: the gear works, the engineer has great ears, skills, and can work quickly. I like the recording process...
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      Joe Bonadio